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CB Clicks Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need to get a click bank account first?


Answer: Yes, a ClickBank™ Affiliate account is required first since that is used to display in your ads. Get your ClickBank™ Id by Clicking Here.

Question: I'm having problems with the login using the correct email and password. The login box popups after keying the email address and password telling me to "please login".


Answer: Please disable any ad blocking software, java disabling software, and anything like Norton Internet Security software. Close all your browser windows. Then try again!

Question: I noticed that the banners are 460x65 banner at some of the most popular sites, it did not work because it is not the standard 468x60 popular size. Will you have a banner that meets that standard size?


Answer: The Banner was intentionally sized smaller to avoid ad blocking software which does not allow that size of graphic to be displayed. We will be adding a "standard sized" banner in the near future.

Question: What is and are you part of Clickbank™? And can you add my country?


Answer: is only a viral marketing delivery mechanism for YOUR ClickBank hoplinks.

Enabling you to expose your hoplinks like never before!

All traffic is directed with your hoplinks, all sales/payments come from ClickBank.

We are not directly connected with

- All ClickBank issues need to be directed to
- All ClickBank user concerns need to be directed to ClickBank
- All country restrictions would come from ClickBank.

You would need to contact them with your country restriction concerns.


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